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Rental of pinball machines - Arcade machines - Jukeboxes

Marketing Events • Roadshows/Trade Shows • Rental

Welcome to Flipper Events - your provider for marketing (b2b) and private events around the topic of pinball and classic amusement machines. In short, we provide fun!

Are you an entrepreneur and are planning a VIP customer day, promotion, employee party, anniversary, new openings, motivation training or team building?
Are you looking for an eye-catcher for your reception area in your company or would you like to give your employees some pleasurable moments?

Or are you planning a private party like a wedding, a birthday or just want to surprise your friends with a special party?

Rent pinballs, pinball machines, arcade/video game classics, jukeboxes (the wedding box) from us!

Flipper mieten
We rent out pinball machines from 5 decades. Here you will find classics by Bally, Williams like Addams Family, Terminator 2 or also KISS and Harlem Globetrotters. Rent a pinball machine for events or for long term rental for your company or your home.
Arcadeautomaten mieten
An entire generation grew up with them. We rent out arcade machines with the video game classics of the 80s and 90s. Look forward to Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Asteroids, Space Invaders & Co. Rent our arcade machines for your private or business event.
Musikboxen mieten
A jukebox brings that special flair to your home or event. We rent preloaded jukeboxes with thousands of titles of different genres and epochs.
Rent our jukeboxes in the design of the legendary Wurlitzer 1015 for your event

No matter whether VIP customer day, promotion, employee party, anniversaries, new openings, motivation training or team building. Surprise your participants and offer something extraordinary! We organize events around pinball and arcade machines or equip your exhibition stand. We rent flippers on a long-term basis for your company or gastronomy
Private Events
Are you planning a private party? Whether weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other festivities - offer your guests something special. Take them back to the "good old days" with our pinball machines and arcade classics.
Über uns
Here you will learn everything you need to know about our company, our motivation and our philosophy.

Multi Arcade Automaten kaufen
Multi Arcade machines sale


We create moments of happiness - fun in convivial company, in friendly competition, in order to promote emotional ties.


Rental of pinballs / pinball machines

You remember pinball machines classics like Eight Ball Deluxe, Kiss, Playboy, Evel Knievel, Wizard, Captain Fantastic, Addams Family, Terminator 2, Indiana Jones. You are familiar with the great manufacturers Williams, Bally, Data East, Stern? Rent a piece of the wonderful past. We rent out pinball classics from the last 50 years - all pinball machines in restored top condition. Our partner is the market leader in high-end pinball restoration in Europe and a proven specialist for pinball machines of all manufacturers and years. Our pinball machines for rental are permanently serviced and maintained. The rental offer ranges from electromechanical pinball machines of the 50s and 70s to early electronic pinball machines (80s) and modern pinball machines of the modern age.

Arcade Machine Rentals / Video Game Classics

An entire generation played video game classics like Space Invaders, Defender, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Phoenix, Gyruss in the 80s. Get a piece of your youth back. Rent these arcade hits for your event or your private party. We rent Multiarcade devices with up to 2000 video game hits of the 80s and 90s in one device. In our rental offer you will also find original video games, arcade classics of that time from all major manufacturers such as Atari, Williams, Sega, Taito and many more.

Rent / hire of jukeboxes / jukeboxes

Jukeboxes are pure nostalgia. Jukeboxes are the beautiful eye-catcher at your event, wedding or birthday. We rent high-quality jukeboxes of the English manufacturer Soundleisure in the design of the legendary Wurlitzerbox - fully equipped with thousands of titles. Involve your guests in the music program - your guests become a DJ. Our jukeboxes for rent can also be rented with external speakers or connected directly to an existing system. Also in rental: original jukeboxes, jukeboxes of the major manufacturers: Wurlitzer, NSM, Rock-Ola and AMI.

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