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Take advantage of our many years of experience in the event business, combined with many years of service experience.

Rely on a professional provider for marketing and private events around pinball, arcade, jukeboxes and other classic machines of the entertainment industry for your event

Henrik Maurer

As a former event manager and owner of an event agency, he knows the industry very well - both from the agency side and from the customer side. With the experience of over 600 events held on his own initiative, he has many years of experience in this sector and knows what matters.

Since 2007 he is the owner of Pinball-Dreams - the market leader for high-end pinball restorations in Europe with a worldwide partner network. Pinball-Dreams produces unique pinballs worldwide and serves international customers from Australia to Europe to the USA.

Michael Höft

Turned his hobby into his profession. As a former head of department at a major American IT outsourcing company, he has many years of management and leadership experience. The service orientation, which is so important in the IT industry, represents an absolute core competence for him in the event and entertainment industry:

"After several years of dealing with pinball machines and other amusement machines, the event business appeals to me because the concept of consulting and service plays an even more central role than in retail."

Why Pinball Events?

■ Solve seemingly impossible communication tasks of your event playfully Everyone knows and loves them from his youth - everyone can play pinball.

■ Everyone knows and loves it from his youth - everybody can play pinball

■ Pinball machines are all positive ("Good old times")

■ Generate a positive image transfer to your company

■ Promote positive mouth to mouth propaganda - the most powerful marketing tool ever

■ Offer your guests something completely new and unexpected

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Good reasons for a cooperation

■ We know what we're doing. With the experience of hundreds of events we know the business agency and customer side from the ff.
Benefit from working with professionals.

 We love our work. We love our product and have loved it for a lifetime. We love to inspire people with it.

 We keep promises - satisfied customers are our capital. That's why customer service comes first - you'll notice this - from the first phone call to the finished project.

 We stand for quality - only good, fully restored and 100% functional machines are used.

 Impossible? No way - we solve problems instead of creating them - uncomplicated and fast.

■ We are a reliable and reputable partner at all times. We were raised with the "handshake principle" and still feel bound to it. What we promise is kept - without ifs and buts.


Through our professional activities in the event business, in the service sector and ultimately in the pinball and vending machine business, we not only have the concentrated core competence in our team - we also have the vision of inspiring people with our lifelong passion.

We want to create moments of happiness. We want to bring fun into the circle in friendly competition and thus promote emotional ties - this is the idea we are committed to. We want to use intensive positive experiences, and even more - we want to revive them, preferably fill them with new members, in order to gain even more fun at the moment and positive "spirit" for the future.

You remember the good old days? Life seemed carefree to us. You could meet friends in your favourite pub for a pinball game or play your favourite video game together. This fascination never left us, and we remember this time almost every day.

We want to bring this good old time back to you. And even if it is only for a few hours - we would like to take you and your guests away to a time which is connected with so many good memories and prepare unforgettable hours for you.

For us and our team there is nothing better than to watch the joy coming from our machines and how the eyes of adult people begin to shine.

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