Private events with pinball, arcade machines etc.

Flipper-Events is your reliable partner for private events like

 (...) or for whatever special occasion

Surprise your guests of all ages and offer them something extraordinary. Create carefree moments and a good mood!

Many know them from their youth, many have already been fascinated by the silver balls... a simply unforgettable experience during which the eyes of your guests begin to glow...

Get one of our pinball event packages for YOUR celebration! Whether renting of classical amusement machines with delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection, a central event component including moderation, or animating entertainment on the side. We will be happy to advise you and find the right offer for you.

We offer:

 Rental of pinball machines from 5 decades
 Rental of arcade machines / video game classic 80s / 90s
 Rental of jukeboxes

Select from the Event-modules

Long term rental for private households

Pinball machine rental for private households

You dream of a beautiful pinball machine in your home? You want changing models and value technical support?

Then you've come to the right place. We make your dreams come true!

We offer:

 Long-term rental of pinball machines, arcade machines and jukeboxes for your party cellar (minimum duration 6 months)
 Model change possible every 6 months
 Technical support (flat-rate maintenance contract)
 Delivery and installation in your home


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