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Jukeboxes Rental


A jukebox brings this special atmosphere to your home or celebration. We are cooperating with Sound Leisure from England, one of the last two remaining jukebox manufacturers in the world.

Sound Leisure was founded almost 40 years ago and is still owned by the Black family. The special feature of Sound Leisure is that each Classic Jukebox is made individually by hand. Only components of the highest quality are used, the housings are made of one piece and the sound quality is unparalleled. Of course, the loudspeakers can also be connected to an existing system.

The timeless design of the Soundleisure Jukeboxes is based on the design of the legendary Wurlitzer Jukeboxes - the best-selling Jukebox in the world.

We have decided to rent the Digital Nostalgia model the digital format from Soundleisure.

The Music

The Digital Nostalgia is an MP3 Jukebox preloaded with thousands of songs of different genres. Of course, the Jukeboxe can be individually equipped with your music. We can also adapt the different genres to your party or target group, so that only the music you want can be selected.

The appearance

Our Soundleisure jukebox has different light programs. The colours change continuously and let the jukebox shine in numerous colours and colour combinations! Of course it is also possible to illuminate the box in just one colour - to match your personal colour concept!

Digital Nostalgia inklusive Farbwechsel

Your guests are the DJ

Involve your guests in your event. Invite them to send you their favourite songs before the celebration - we will include them in the line-up. Or simply send 2 tokens for the box with the invitation. So every guest can choose and play his two favourite songs himself. Whatever you decide - a jukebox is the interactive eye-catcher for your celebration - a great atmosphere is guaranteed here.

Connection options

Of course, you can play external music from your smartphone, tablet or notebook. You can also connect the box to an external system

Our services at a glance:

 Rent the Soundleisure Digital Nostalgia for your event
  Delivery and commissioning
 Customize your music selection (optional)

 Programming of the lighting mood to your requirements (optional)


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