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Do you remember Pac Man, Defender, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong or Asteroids? These video game classics fascinated us at that time and the fascination for these cult arcade games is still unbroken today. Rent our arcade machines - pure nostalgia!

We rent out multi-arcade machines with up to 3,500 classics of the video game history in one device - the very special, interactive eye-catcher at your business event, your trade show appearance or your private event.

Our rental program:

■ Video game classics of the 70s to 90s
■ Simulators and Racing Games
■ Other amusement machines of the 60s to 90s


 2 players
8 ways joysticks
6 buttons each
Arcade-style case with artwork
Full stereo sound
Up to 26" LCD screen High-quality components

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